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 After studying biological sciences, I learnt the techniques of taxidermy. This allowed me to combine my interest of Natural History with my "itching hands". In Belgium there is no dedicated studies for this craft so I trained with a master taxidermist in Belgium and then with a colleague abroad.


I acquired and developed sculpture and casting methods, especially for specimens hard to stuff, and then the creation from scratch. In parallel, restoration of "stuffed" animals but also all items of biological origin (bones, teeth, horns, shells, insects, fossiles etc.) needs skills related to art restoration. This is a facet more technical, artistic and museum of my craftmanship.


The traditional taxidermy, too "classic", tends to disappear from my production. Exciting on a naturalistic point of view but only manual, I need some pretexts to consult the inexhaustible scientific literature. These pretexts are, among others, conservation, restoration, preparation techniques and extinct species.